arrows To print or not to print? Free content or premium content? These are issues we deal with every day at LBx Journal as we adjust to a rapidly changing market. These are two sides of the same question, which is, “what does the customer value?” When someone buys a “book” what is it that he or she is buying? Is it the well thought out construction, development, and execution of a story, or a well written, researched, and analyzed topic? Is the book the physical delivery of a paper product, ink, and well organized words, bound into a distribution medium that we have come to value for its convenience and ease of interaction, words on an iPad, or is it an algorithm of targeted words based on terabytes of data analytics that indicate what will sell? When someone purchases and downloads an app onto their mobile device, are they buying the “content” or the “convenience” of having it on the device?

These questions I’m sure will all seem silly in 20 years, but the right answer will make or break businesses as society seeks to adapt to Web2.0, Enterprise2.0, Gov2.0, etc. Location is at the heart of this transformation with its ability to correlate vast pieces of data. In the next five to ten years there will be 5000-10,000 sensors per person on the planet. That means anything from your smartphone, to traffic sensors that monitor traffic flow and catch you when you are speeding, to building and bio-hazard sensors, to GPS chips in your shoes or jewelry will transmit your location 24 x 7. Location will be embedded in everything we do, and soon it will be taken for granted.

In the meantime, in this issue, our contributors address the SensorWeb—the data collection process of the future that will be used to deliver location intelligence to businesses and individuals, the extension of business intelligence in concept and in practice with location intelligence, and how location changes the nature of business functions and services such as marketing, fundraising, and market research.

In our first year of operation we focused on both digital and print delivery, and unique ways online for location companies to be featured. In our second year of operation we will focus even moreso on digital. This is the first digital issue of LBx Journal. With a digital strategy we believe we’ll be able to deliver the best of LBx to you in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

And…remember to discover your location dimension.

Natasha Léger