Location SmartBrief Poll Results


Location SmartBrief readers are primarily non-technical business professionals interested in leveraging location information for a number of different business objectives from marketing, to product and service development, to finance, to asset management, and customer experience. This is not a scientific study. We conducted a series of poll questions over a 6-week period to get a sense for what people think relative to satellite imagery.

Why is satellite imagery/earth observation important?
Satellite imagery, while now widely available, is still under-utilized and misunderstood by many.


What industry do you think relies most on satellite imagery?
One would assume that the 12% that voted for “none of the above” believe that the government is the industry that relies most on satellite imagery.


Who provides satellite imagery?
The 3 largest commercial satellite imagery providers are Astrium, DigitalGlobe, and GeoEye. Only one of the three was a recognized brand among the poll respondents.


LBS applications and services depend on some underlying geospatial technologies. What geospatial technologies depend on government funding?
50% of respondents did not know that location-based services depend on government funding.