Location Drives Markets

orangearrowWhat an unusual summer it has been. The U.S. has seen the worst drought in 50 years, 600 million Indians were plunged into darkness due to power grid failure, the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars, drone activity is increasing domestically and internationally, almost all of Greenland’s ice shield melted in July, Julian Assange is being persecuted for disclosing the truth, the Euro continually teeters upon collapse, Facebook’s Facedeals (facial recognition marketing application) launched, elections and coups and wars disrupt political power and supply chains, and Fukishima radiation has crossed the Pacific. Much more than these events occurred in a mere three months, and they all involve location.
Markets are created by information. Stocks rise and fall on news about company prospects, access to resources, new competition, supply disruptions – anything that impacts supply and demand…or perception of such. As location increasingly becomes a feature of products and services, and of company operations including business intelligence, access to location information will drive markets in the future.
Companies like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and IHS already know the impact on commodity trading. By markets, we don’t just mean financial trades, but the rise and fall of whole new market categories and businesses as location information inserts transparency and new information into the equation, creating new perceptions of supply and demand.
This issue explores the market-making potential of location information in the solar, mobile, business intelligence, and water markets.
Remember to discover your location dimension,

NatashainageNatasha Léger