redarrowsThis has been an exciting quarter for The Location Media Alliance (LMA) and the Location Forum. One of the LMA’s publications, Imaging Notes, was rebranded as Apogeo Spatial with its Spring issue. Apogeo is the LMA’s quarterly print magazine focused on communicating the power of geospatial tools and technologies in managing the world’s scarce resources and environment. It is about applications of remotely sensed data (satellite, aerial, and terrestrial imagery), and is a great resource for LBx readers interested in diving deeper into technical and policy issues related to geospatial technologies. See

Around the same time as the Apogeo launch, the Location Forum released its groundbreaking Location Data Privacy: Guidelines, Assessment & Recommendations. The Guidelines were developed for those on the front lines of location data product and services development, as well as those who hold corporate, legal or fiduciary responsibilities. They bring attention to issues that many organizations and companies have chosen to ignore, often due to lack of legal certainty around requirements, and provide a framework of location data practices for developers, managers, marketers, and executives.

The Guidelines define location data broadly. If you are utilizing location data in any fashion you should consider it imperative to read these Guidelines and take the Location Data Privacy Risk & Transparency Assessment to determine if your location data management practices pose any potential privacy risks. The Forum’s Guidelines are all about using privacy protection as a competitive advantage—as opposed to a regulatory burden. You can download the Guidelines at

Now on to the contents of this issue… As the use of location data becomes more pervasive, valuing the data, and understanding how it serves as a multiplier effect in terms of operational efficiency, cost savings, improved customer experience, and supporting healthier businesses are now the domains of an emerging field called Locationomics. Once again, the Location Forum is at the forefront of this issue. The Location Forum introduces the subject of Locationomics describing its business, technology and user components. We have four Locationomics interviews that focus on mobile-related location applications and technologies that support new product development, improve customer experience, and increase sales productiv- ity. We also include here our online article on Microsoft’s GeoFlow, which focuses on improving the spreadsheet experience with the ability to visualize spreadsheet data with 3D maps all within Office 2013.

On the more inspiring side of things we have our water feature, as part of the LMA quarterly theme, and an Executive Interview with Elizabeth Lee of CyArk, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to document the world’s historical sites in 3D.

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Natasha Léger