redarrowsDo you have email anxiety? Do you dread your inbox?, full of hundreds of messages, most action items wanting anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour of your time to respond? Go to a meeting or take a call and come back to another deluge. And what about the email newsletters to keep up on your industry? You subscribe to them because you know they are relevant to your position, but they too are now overwhelming.

Once upon a time, your day was dictated by the project you needed to complete that day or week or month. Today, email, texts, and social media all compete for your attention, and however much you may try, they often succeed at distracting you. As the email Inbox has evolved to become the dashboard, filing system, communication tool, and task-master all-in-one, many people are trying to regain some sense of control over what comes in.

Many of you subscribe to our weekly news service, Location SmartBrief: A Business Game Changer. The results from our recent Location SmartBrief survey confirm how valuable this weekly brief is to you. 90% of respondents find the brief useful and relevant to their day- to-day job. The brief is most widely used as a research tool to further investigate a topic or issue and to share relevant industry and technology information with colleagues.

Location SmartBrief is now LBx LITE (location information, technology and economics). In our effort to better serve you in light of “email anxiety,” we started delivering Location SmartBrief via Twitter in June. If you are not already following us on Twitter please do so at @lbxjournal. LBx LITE will continue to be delivered via Twitter every Wednesday. We hope this new delivery option helps you regain a little control. Subscribers will receive an email explaining this new delivery option, and the invitation to opt in for continuing to get our newsletter via email.

In this double issue we focus on how disruption is impacting the location industry and its current and prospective customers. Location technologies, data, and solutions are changing the way we think, the way we do business, the way we interact, and our expectations relative to information. We have aggregated articles from LMA publications to paint a complete picture of the top ten disruptors to the location industry, and also to businesses and industries adopting location solutions.

We have introduced a new opinion section, which will focus on broader business, social, and economic trends that have implications for location-based solutions. This first opinion article is by the Futurist, Tom Frey, in which he asks whether wasting other people’s time should be a crime? Imagine if the infliction of email anxiety were considered a crime.

Discover the Location Dimension of Business.

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