redarrowsIn this issue, we focus on how location technologies and solutions inspire people and organizations to redefine the role of an address, solve problems, reinvent careers, and appeal to the human spirit’s quest for curiosity and challenge. We all know that everyone and everything is located somewhere; that’s why location is important and powerful. But the real power and inspiration comes from the new connections and relationships derived from location insights.

For many of us, extreme weather is starting to become a reality—high heating and cooling bills, travel and transportation delays, high food prices due to drought, as just some examples. Asset management of facilities such as office buildings, stores, and warehouses are at greater risk of more severe and uncertain weather patterns.But micro-climates always make broad weather predictions difficult, and the meteorologists always seem to get it wrong. Precision in weather monitoring is what’s critical to assessing risks to specific places and assets.
Visual intelligence in the form of a map or image, analytics in the form of linked information, and now, words to describe a specific location instead of geographic coordinates all create new opportunities to work more efficiently, to save time and even to save lives.
I hope this issue inspires you to think differently about data and information, about maps and images, about words and numbers. As location becomes a feature of almost every product and process with the rise of the Internet of Things, I hope the experiences, ideas, problems and solutions shared in this issue will help you in discovering the location dimension of your business, your human spirit, and your future.


Léger Editor