Field Work Productivity Enhanced with Real-time Mapping
Real-time mapping makes field researchers more productive, generates more accurate and timely environmental assessments, keeps projects on task, and keeps consultancies able to service more clients efficiently. LBx Journal


Location Tags Detect Physical Stress
Fujitsu has developed stamp-sized wearable sensor tags that can detect whether users have changed their location or posture, fallen down or are experiencing high heat. ComputerWorld


Location and IOT: Maintaining Temperature and Soil Moisture In Ag
Produce must be maintained at a specific temperature once it is picked in the field to be considered fresh. Optimal planting conditions require right soil moisture determined by soil conductivity and weather. IOT sensors combined with location tracking enable compliance with regulations and planting best practices. Tech Republic


Tracking Mileage: 5 Benefits
Tracking mileage has never been easier. Mileage tracking apps provide such benefits as integration with accounting software, IRS reporting compliance, and asset management. Forbes


Samsung Leaps Into IOT With Artik Kit and Partnerships
Samsung announced three new modules and a handful of partnerships that aim to grow an open development community at the Internet of Things World conference in San Francisco. EEtimes


SocialRadar Positions Itself to Replace Apple and Google Location Tracking
SocialRadar, a D.C.-based startup, wants to offer developers a better location tracking service than the one included in Apple iOS and Google Android. A beta version of its new LocationKit provides developers with code for more accurate location tracking, including venue recognition while using less battery power than the default service. DCInno


Qualcomm Partners with GE to Bring GPS Indoor Positioning Via Led Lights
San Diego Source


Employee Fired Over Deletion of Location Tracking App
A California woman is suing for wrongful termination after she was allegedly fired for uninstalling a location-tracking application required by her boss. The Hill

Lack of Consensus on Location Data: Interpreting Appellate Decision in United States v. Davis
Looking to understand disclosure and usage rights regarding location data when it comes to third party intermediaries? Read this analysis of Judge Hull’s decision in United States v. Davis. Just Security

Drones Fly Before US Regs?
The Hill

Locationomics: The Price of Data Privacy
Marketing Interactive


Location Based Services 2015, London, UK June 2-3
This LBS event is bringing together stakeholders from the location and context ecosystems. Meet mobile network operators/carriers, app developers, businesses from across retail, venue/stadium management, transport, financial services, leisure & travel, healthcare, automotive, ad agencies, and more…

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Indoor Location Breaks $10 Billion in 2020
New ABI Research report, Indoor Location in Retail: Where is the Money? reveals that total indoor location revenues are forecast to reach US$10 billion in 2020, driven primarily by BLE Beacons and advertising. BusinessWire