Parking App Leverages Smartphones and In-car Navigation Systems
Cities have long been installing sensors along roadways—embedding them in streets or mounting them overhead—in order to better understand everything from traffic flow to parking availability. And as in-car navigation systems and smartphones have proliferated, INRIX, a company headquartered near Seattle, Wash., has for the past 10 years built a suite of products that leverage sensor data to provide actionable data for drivers and cities alike. IOT Journal


South Korean Government Turns to Cell Phone Location Data to Combat MERS spread
In an effort to contain the spread of a deadly virus, South Korean officials have taken to obtaining already infected patients’ cellphone location data. Though this practice comes with some privacy concerns, the authorities also say, in this case, it’s something most people readily have consented to. The Blaze


Fleet Management: Accurate Load Tracking
“The real challenge to driving up efficiency in the supply chain is the need to gain visibility into load status,” Spangenberg says. “In the absence of information, assumptions are made that might be 50% correct and incomplete data breeds low confidence. A significant degree of error is not very effective for load planning and if you can’t deliver, you can’t take part in what is a growing, trillion dollar economic engine.” Fleet Equipment Magazine


Intelligent File And Inventory Tracking For Patient Records
Never lose a file again. The Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT) solution, provided by 6PM Group, includes passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) EPC Gen 2 RFID tags affixed to files, fixed and handheld readers, and bar-coded labels attached to shelves in the hospital libraries. The iFIT solution, 6PM reports, improves overall staff efficiency and reduces the risk of losing a file entirely, while helping to improve safety by ensuring that the necessary paperwork can be located quickly in the event of a patient emergency. RFID Journal


Geofence Your Meeting Or Conference
This is number 4 in the list of Top 10 Meeting Tech Trends for 2015. Global Travel Industry News


Michael T. Jones, Former Google CTO talks about new 3D virtual reality venture
Michael T. Jones shares his perspective on the next opportunity to transform the lives of one billion people with Wearality, a Lockheed Martin spinoff. SparPointGroup


Google Introduce Location Aware Search
Search Engine Land


Marketing “Black” Projects
Sam Billingsley discusses how geospatial professionals can market their projects for Petrochemical refineries, nuclear sites, military installations, sporting venues, and other organizations that are generally sensitive or secret. SparPointGroup


Privacy in a Wearables and IOT World: A Playbook


US LBS Market in Health Industry Forecasted at CAGR at 33.61% between 2015-2019
The LBS Market in the US Healthcare industry can be segmented on the basis of usage, technology, and application. On the basis of usage, it is divided into two segments: Indoor LBS and Outdoor LBS. On the basis of technology, it is divided into: RTLS and GPS/AGPS. On the basis of RTLS technology, the LBS Market in US Healthcare is divided into: RFID, Wi-Fi, and UWB. On the basis of application, the market is divided into: Asset Management, Patient Management, Staff Management, and Others. Med Gadget