Tracking Athletes: Robotic Cameraman
Wearable + GPS + Beacon + Robot eliminates the need for a camera person to follow an athlete around in remote, difficult terrain. IOT Journal


Real-time Location Services = IOT for Healthcare
Stanley Healthcare acquired AeroScout last year to augment healthcare solutions. Tagging of people and things enables improved asset management, environmental monitoring, patient flow, and hygienic compliance. Monitoring and analytics improves the patient experience and delivery of healthcare services. TechTarget


Supply Chain Tracking
With new tracking technology, Crane Worldwide can maintain awareness of the condition and location of cargo worldwide in the ground and in the air. Data is fed directly from the sensors placed on cargo to a monitoring and tracking application, equipped with a customizable and comprehensive dashboard, which allows them to provide their customers with the same visibility we have. The application also pushes near real-time information to Crane Worldwide clients. Supply & Demand Chain Executive


Biometrics and Location Combined to Increase Mobile Advertising Effectiveness
The Drum