Peruvian Decree Exempts Location Data From Privacy Protections

The Peruvian President today adopted a legislative decree that will grant the police warrantless access to real-time user location data on a 24/7 basis. It compels telecom providers to retain, for one year, data on who communicates with whom, for how long, and from where. The decree expressly states that location data is excluded from the privacy of communication guaranteed by the Peruvian Constitution.  EFF


The Marketing of Privacy Concerns

Eli Portnay in TechCrunch discusses how Uber can protect individual privacy by simply being transparent about how it uses the location data it collects in the background of the application. TechCrunch


The Risk In Location-Based Asset Tracking Systems

Vulnerabilities in asset-tracking systems made by Globalstar and its subsidiaries would allow a hijacker to track valuable and sensitive cargo—such as electronics, gas and volatile chemicals, military supplies or possibly even nuclear materials—disable the location-tracking device used to monitor it, then spoof the coordinates to make it appear as if a hijacked shipment was still traveling its intended route. Wired

Warrant Is Required for Historical Cell Location Site Data


Customer Data Is Location Data

Biz Report



Patent Landscape Determines IOT Leaders: Where’s Google and ZTE?

What tech defines the Internet of Things (IoT) and who are the major IoT tech players? One of the most important aspects of any tech analysis is analyzing which players have quantifiably demonstrated their tech leadership in the relevant technological fields. From an asset analysis perspective, the most commonly-used indicia of tech leadership has historically been, and remains, patent portfolio analytics. Forbes

Microlocation Provides Centimeter Positional Accuracy

Microlocation devices, reporting only their identity and position, can turn any object into
an IoT “thing” that can save time and money, and improve safety in robotic factories. EDN Network

SAP Partners With ESRI To Make Enterprise Location Data Easier

SAP upgrade leads to better integration with GIS system. The recent upgrade of SAP’s in-memory database now includes spatial features and enhancements that support multidimensional geometries and on-the-fly coordinate transformations, according to the company. TechTarget


German Auto Consortium Buys Nokia HERE

Audi, BMW and Daimler have formed a consortium to buy Nokia’s HERE map business for $3.1 billion (2.8 billion euros). This provides access to technology that could eventually be used for driverless cars. ReCodeAP News

Location Tracking Is the New Attribution Modeling

LBS capabilities are used to profile locations, track user activities within spaces, and even tie that activity back to ad exposure. Digital advertisers have been looking every which way to “close the loop” still separating digital activity and in-store behavior and spend. MediaPost


China Location-based Market to Grow at CAGR of 52.18% by 2019.
Research and Markets

Global LBS 2020 Market Development and Demand Forecast
P&S Market Research


5 Blind Hikers Cross Mountain Pass with Experimental GPS Device
Armed only with their white canes and the experimental smartphone app – unaccompanied by sighted guides – the group trekked 80 kilometres (50 miles) in six days through fields and forests in the Vosges range near the German border. GPS Daily