LIDAR Improves Construction Site Safety
Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has partnered with the Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon to use new technologies to improve construction-site safety by providing greater awareness of the surrounding environment for machine operators. SparPointGroup


US Makes Mobile Location Tracking Harder For Government Agencies

The US justice department says federal agencies will have to obtain search warrants to use technology that tracks mobile phones under new guidance. BBC


IOT For Food And Water
In the near future, IoT will drive tremendous innovation in the way our food is grown, processed, distributed, stored, and consumed. Plants and animals will literally have a “voice.” Not a human voice, per se, but a voice based on data that can tell people, computers, and machines when, for example, they are thirsty, need more sun, require medicine, or need individual attention. VentureBeat


Location Data Is Changing The World
Location information is changing the expectations of business and products.  Science 2.0


Imagery and Sensors on Environmental Monitoring
Geospatial Stream


Alibaba and Chinese Defense Company Norinco Partner On GPS Data
Internet giant Alibaba has joined forces with China’s biggest defense company to offer location-based services using a homegrown satellite navigation system that competes with the US GPS network, the firms said. AsianAge


Google and Intel Partner On Project Tango
At Intel’s recent developer forum, the company announced a partnership with Google that would put the microchip maker’s RealSense 3D scanner to use for the Google Tango mapping project. SparPointGroup


Facebook Partners With Factual On Location Data
Factual announced today that it has partnered with Facebook, and that Apple has extended its contract with them. Facebook plans to use the data in many features, including Facebook Business Pages, places search, Check Ins, and Place Tips. Facebook will receive data only about U.S. places, while Apple has access to data in 50 countries. MediaPostAdAge


U.S. Needs Federal R&D Dollars For Smart City Planning To Compare With Progress In Other Countries
Steven Collier, director of Smart Grid Strategies with Milsoft Utility Solutions and technical expert with IEEE, believes Europe has evolved more quickly than the United States when it comes to smart cities for a number of reasons. “The lack of federal and state vision and strategy and corresponding lack of federal and state government research and development (R&D) and funding constrain progress,” Collier explained. “There would never have been atomic energy without federal R&D and subsidies. Nor would man have set foot into space.” SmartGridNews


Who Will Monitor The Drones In The Air?


Location-based Value-Added Tax
Tax authorities around the world are quickly coming to the realization that if they want to continue to capture tax revenues on the goods and services their residents consume, they better start looking to the cloud and where the consumers are located instead of where the suppliers are located. Forbes


Map Makers Needed: Universities Invest In Geography
Michael Solem, director of educational research and programs at the Association of American Geographers, said geography has been recognized as a core skill for computer science and engineering. The move by Google and venture-capital firms to invest millions in mapmaking further solidifies geography’s place as a fundamental academic endeavor. Crains New York Business


LIDAR Sensor Costs Need To Drop For Automotive Market Adoption

Locationomics: Outsourcing Laser Scanning 
When does it make more sense for a contractor to outsource laser scanning or complete this scope of work in-house?  SparPointGroup


Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery Revenues Grow In Next Ten Years With New Launches 
Euroconsult released its new report Satellites to be Built & Launched by 2024, World Market Survey. $255 billion in revenues expected from the manufacturing and launch of 1,400 satellites over the next decade. GISUser