Location Is Critical To Context-Aware Computing
Spatial information — knowing our precise and accurate location — can be useful wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Fields as diverse as transport, emergency response, disaster management, environmental sampling, meteorological and oceanographic research, municipal and utility maintenance operations, and location marketing can utilize location sensors and use them for multiple applications. ETTelecom.com


Pinterest Automatically Captures Location Data From All Place Pins
Pinterest made a move Tuesday that will automatically capture location data from its 100 million+ members who use its Place Pins service. This move will likely generate additional revenue for the company and open more doors for marketers in the future. AdAge


Geofencing Big Birds With GPS Tags To Avoid Wind Turbine Collision 
Wind energy developments are increasingly proliferating as nations seek to secure clean and renewable energy supplies. Wind farms have serious impacts on bird populations through injuries sustained by collisions with turbines. This article discusses developments in new biotelemetric technologies to minimize collision risks, particularly for threatened and endangered bird species whose ranges overlap with current and future wind farm sites. Animal Biotelemetry


Location-based Asset Tracking Streamlines Efficiency In Healthcare and Trucking Industries