Building the Data Gap with Location Intelligence

In this issue, our contributors address the SensorWeb—the data collection process of the future that will be used to deliver location intelligence to businesses and individuals, the extension of business intelligence in concept and in practice with location intelligence, and how location changes the nature of
business functions and services such as marketing, fundraising, and market research.

What’s in an Image?

Imagery—photos taken from satellites and airplanes—is now ubiquitously available through a number of Internet, desktop, and mobile applications. As a result, imagery is becoming a defacto communication tool as it finds its way into all sorts of…

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Next-gen KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) have become woven into the fabric of most businesses and pushed into the psyches of our organizations. In an effort to better understand and manage our businesses, we’ve created more of them and in the process have…

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Time: The Fourth Dimension

In 2003, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku declared that time travel, “…once confined to fantasy and science fiction… is now simply an engineering problem.” Today, from the standpoint of operations improvement and top-line growth, it’s an…

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Catastrophic Risk Management

Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, floods and terrorism – the catastrophic disasters that remind us of the fragility of life and the uncertainty of investments in the future are subject to sophisticated risk modeling. Risk management is…

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Humans As Sensors

As Di-ann is driving around the Bay Area she uses Waze ( to find her way. From Waze she gets routing, traffic and road closure information. In exchange, Waze tracks her location and knows her ultimate destination.

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High Finance

In a market-based financial system, developing business cases and determining the cost and source of capital and the viability of competitors are relatively straightfor- ward activities.

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Mastering Targeted Advertising

BACKGROUND Pitney Bowes acquired MapInfo in 2007 and has been integrating location intelligence into its core mainstream products and services to deliver targeted advertising bene ts to its customers.

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Location Data

The last few months have been quite exciting, since we launched our premiere issue and website of LBx Journal this past spring. I attended a number of conferences over the summer and fall, including the ESRI User Conference (Business GIS Summit),…

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What is LBx?

Eighty percent of all business data has a location component. The source of this oft-quoted figure is not known, but the statement is logical, since almost everything we do as individuals and as businesses is location-based.

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