This is the GeoEconomy issue which focuses GeoEconomy standards, location-based solutions to I nternational Food Security, Location Data best practices, geo-information platforms, investments, and infrastructure, and commonalities across Agribusiness, Retail, and Communications. Feature articles include Where is Location Data? GeoEconomy Standards, and Market Connections: Cross Industry Views on Location Information. In addition, Executive Interviews with Abhi Ingle of AT&T on Optimizing Mission Critical Business Processes, and Peter Woodgate of the Cooperative Research Council for Spatial Information on Scaling Location Data in Australia and New Zealand.

Environmental Science Sensors Are Watching

At several conferences in the last year I have heard people talk about the widespread use of mobile phones. Some speakers mentioned an approximate 4 billion phones in use worldwide while others stated it was more like 5 billion. So what does an…

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Replacing Geo-luck with Geo-advantage

Looking for a go-to reference book on geospatial technologies that is not overly techie? This is the book for you. Believe it or not, Dr. Bob Ryerson and Dr. Stan Aronoff, two PhDs with extensive experience in GIS and remote sensing have been able…

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Scaling Location Data in Australia and New Zealand

LBX Tell us a little about CRCSI and why spatial information is so critical to both the public and private sectors in Australia and New Zealand. WOODGATE The CRCSI has been set up as a long-term research engine to tackle grand challenges that can…

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Market Connections

Industries are unique. They have their own culture, values, work flows, nuances, and requirements. They are tribes unto themselves with specific value chains, subject matter experts, certifications, regulations, and customer requirements and…

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GeoEconomy Standards

Transportation and communications technologies have ushered in a new global GeoEconomy, making production networks and trading networks more spatially distributed, dynamic and complex than ever before. Geoinformation adds value in any economy…

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Improving International Food Security

As a professional in international food security, I work with organizations that support people and communities in generating sufficient food production and income to meet their food and other basic needs. Markets, and the information that drives…

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Where Is Location Data?

Are you an executive trying to make sense of all this location-based information and services buzz? Tired of hearing from vendors that 80% of your business is location-based, and not knowing what exactly that means and where to start? Most…

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Optimizing Mission – Critical Business Process

LBX What is the background and history behind AT&T’s newly launched Location Information Services? What was the problem that AT&T solved? INGLE AT&T is one of the largest providers of pre-packaged applications and solutions in MRM (mobile resource…

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Think Locally, Act Globally

There was a time, not too long ago, when “global” was a concept, but hardly a reality. As a corporation pushed its horizons beyond the relatively homogeneous local market, it encountered increased diversity and complexity, strange customs and even…

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GeoEconomy in Progress…

What exactly is the geoeconomy that everyone is buzzing about? The rise of location-based applications—GPS, social, mobile, and enterprise—all point to a market for, or at least an increased supply of geospatial data and technologies, but does that…

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